New-age financial marketing for the new-age consumer

Marketing has seen a major paradigm shift over the last decade. As a discipline, it has moved from being perceived as an art to a focused and measurable science. This new wave of marketing is being shaped by new-age technologies that are powered by artificial intelligence (AI), ...


Digital Marketing Gets A New VOICE

Let’s start this article with 3 ads addressing the most interactive search phenomenon, voice search. Voice search is taking over. Voice recognition is currently a $500 billion-dollar industry with a mammoth 1 billion voice searches per month in 2018....


Fuel To The Fyre

The Fyre festival was (supposed to be) a luxury VIP festival experience for affluent people, packaged as vacation get-away – combining music concerts, food, art and exploration on a private island in the Bahamas. Instead, it turned out to be....


Experience, The New Era In Marketing

Marketing tools have been re-invented, the stage has been set, and the audience is programmed to receive. It’s the perfect setting for a perfect play into the future. The deliverables are futuristic, and if they aren’t, they can be immediately corrected by illusion....


The 3Vs Of Content

Technology, the internet and smartphones have made it simple enough even for a 13-year-old to make high quality videos. Videos of funny cats, DIY fashion videos, cooking videos, review videos…in fact there isn’t a subject under the sun....


5 Insta-riffic Trends For 2019

Move over Facebook, Instagram has emerged as ‘The’ place for visual content marketing, especially in the lifestyle and fashion space. But given that new innovations and features mushroom every other week, it becomes a challenge for a brand to plan its digital strategy, budgeting, resources and other factors. This ultimately drives brand marketers into a tizzy....


A Marketeer’s Guide To Google Lens

Have you seen this icon in your camera app recently? Wondering what it is?

Go on, click on it, it won’t bite… rather it’s going to give you a chance to take a bigger bite of market share for your business.


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