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To optimize your paid search and display account, we start with deep research. We learn everything about your company, target audience and business. Armed with this data, we draw a fail-proof road map to achieving your objectives.
Strategy There’s more to pay-per-click advertising in addition to competing on keywords. Budget allocation, geographic targeting, mobile targeting, the list goes on. Our experts will present a complete strategy in black and white before you can commit to anything.
Setup Once you’ve zeroed down on the strategy we present, our experts get on to setting up your account. Which includes accounts on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. Each account would be custom set to serve a specific audience on interest, custom and lookalike.
Monitoring As a PPC company, we invest heavily in technology to ensure we have the most accurate and timely monitoring and reporting tools available in the PPC industry.
Your PPC account will get a dedicated team of three members, a digital marketing manager, a digital marketing consultant and a digital marketing associate to monitor and optimize results regularly for better performance.
Reporting It’s critical that our paid search team reviews every angle of your account’s performance when looking to improve your PPC campaign. Clients connect with our team on a weekly basis to review these reports and discuss strategy.
PPC Advertising In addition to running pay-per-click campaigns for search engines like Google & Bing. Media Moments team runs paid social media ads for Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn & Twitter. We also expedite programmatic ads, we use software that handles the sale and placement of digital ad impressions via ad exchange platforms. Programmatic also incorporates traffic data and online targeting methods to serve impressions more accurately, efficiently and at scale.

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